Image may contain: 5 people, text that says 'Independent Women's Forum @IWF "This tweet has been deleted." 000 They caved. Girl Scouts @girlscouts 000 Congratulations Amy Coney Barrett on becoming the 5th woman appointed to the Supreme Court since its inception in 1789. FEMALE SUPREME COURT JUSTICES SANDRA DAY O'CONNOR RUTH BADER GINSBURG SONIA SOTOMAYOR EL ΕΝΑ KAGAN AMY CONEY BARRETT'

>Let’s celebrate the achievements of women
>No, not like that

Apparently, Girl Scouts also replied to people complaining about the inclusion of Amy Coney Barrett on their post about ~female empowerment~ with “keep scrolling,” which infuriated quite a lot of people, including adults such as actual real U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley (who, as you may recall, created a criminal justice reform bill that would allow anyone convicted of any crime the ability to go free after 10 years, even if they, for instance, decapitated a Girl Scout):

I got curious about what exactly the Girl Scouts have been up to since I was a child, and a few seconds of scrolling on their Facebook page shows that–perhaps with this one exception–they are an exceptionally left-wing organization. This is the current pinned post on the Girl Scout page:

And this is their most recent current post:

It’s a good thing I never really liked Thin Mints to begin with.

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