Just getting started here…

New blog, who dis? I figure I’d start off with a relatively easy target before 8 AM: The Bulwark.

Imagine how out-of-touch you need to be to be a “conservative” website but then running two articles, above the fold, trying to make the case for Biden on perhaps the two issues that Trump has been most solid: abortion and foreign policy.

The “I’m pro-life but I voted for the pro-abortion guy” piece by Michael Stokes Paulsen is less about the issue of abortion, more about the author’s personal grievances with Trump and what he feels like constitutes making a deal with the devil. The piece reads:

Groan. Yes, I’m sure this strawman is a completely accurate representation of a real human being. And I’m totally shocked to see the primary concern people have against Trump has to do with feelings of racism than actual, you know, abortion policy. After reading this, I scrolled down and saw that the author is actually a co-director of the Pro-Life Advocacy Center. That’s terrifying. If protecting human life is his chief concern, then why is he virtue signaling about racism? The rest of the piece goes on the same: because Trump is seen as an immoral bad person, then actually, all of the pro-life activities he’s done and seemingly pro-life judges he’s appointed are meaningless. Did you know Trump hurt my feelings? Orange man bad!

In terms of the foreign policy piece: it’s really no coincidence that Shay Khatiri is advocating in favor of a more aggressive American foreign policy. After all, he’s fairly new to America; according to his own bio on the Bulwark website, he only came to America in 2011 (from Iran). This very same interventionist belief is something Khatiri has written about many times before. He’s even called himself a neocon. This is also the same person who called for Stalinist-like purges of YAF’s speaker rolls of anyone he deemed a thought criminal for the grave sin of being perhaps a genuine conservative. It’s also no coincidence, then, that he too has found a home at the Bulwark, the collection of misfit NeverTrump conservative toys who, apparently, care more about being seen as racist than any actual principles. Ahoy!

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