Not sure about that whole Substack thing…

I know a few good people who have turned to using Substack to promote their work. Even Tucker Carlson promoted it last night as some kind of free speech alternatively to social media companies.

Well, I just checked their terms and conditions.

This stood out from their publisher agreement:

Reading further on the Acceptable Use Policy, this seems to be the same exact kind of broad policy that can be used to crack down on any and all content Substack finds objectionable:

And, also notable, since a lot of very fine people are banned from using Stripe:

And there is, in fact, a mechanism to report “bad” people using Substack:

As Steve Sailer wrote yesterday, “And how is Substack set up to not be taken hostage by its own 20-something woke woman interns like everywhere else?”

Indeed, what exactly makes Substack any different from any other company that started out with lofty free speech goals, only to later crack down on whoever power-hungry professional activists find offensive? Remember: Facebook and Twitter both claim they believe in free speech. And we all see how that has turned out.

2 thoughts on “Not sure about that whole Substack thing…

  1. The only way to avoid having a website that will censor you is … don’t have a website.
    Even running your own site isn’t safe these days, since Leftists are happy to censor by pressuring hosting companies, DDOS protection, or just getting foreign governments to intervene to shut you down.


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