Why I (already) voted for Trump

To keep it short: to trigger the libs.

On a more serious note, yes, there are many things the Trump administration and Trump campaign have done that have disappointed me: attacking Biden for praising the Daughters of the Confederacy (even after their building was torched), making a homage video to George Floyd (thankfully, Twitter miraculously saved the Trump team from itself), the endless pandering with the Platinum Plan and the American Dream Act, and, of course, bizzaro-world criminal justice reform that no one even asked for besides the daughter of one of OJ Simpson’s lawyers that has let an untold number of feral criminals back onto the streets to terrorize their neighborhoods again.

All of that amounts to Trump basically buying into “diversity is our strength.”

On the other hand, Biden’s campaign literally started with an advertisement praising violent Antifa activists, calling them heroes:

(Of course, the Antifa group praised wanted nothing to do with him)

This ad was released in April 2019, and over the past year+ since it’s been live, no one really seems to have even called Biden out for his praise of people who have been destroying cities all across America.

While Trump has done quite a few disappointing things, imagine having a President of the United States, and a vice president, who quite literally praise terrorists. We all know Biden is senile, and Kamala will really be the one in charge, and between the constant pandering about Charlottesville and Kamala’s video praising communism the other day, we really don’t want to see what will happen to right-wing dissidents when the radicals are in charge. Sure, Trump might not be right-wing enough for me. But at least I don’t think he’ll be putting me in a re-education gulag for thought crimes any time soon.

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