Ever see a tweet so stupid?

And it crosses your radar, even though you aren’t even on Twitter, and you have to comment on it?

Apparently, according to this person on the internet, the media once treated Trump in a presidential fashion, and now they’re not anymore, because Trump “abused” them:

Ah yes, we all know when it came down to the results of the election, it was the media that was going to help Trump when he needed it. No no no, their ideology has nothing to do with it. Who cares about the pee tapes, the dossier, the claims of Russian collusion, the demands for Trump to be banned from social media and impeached for the good of the nation from pundits all across the country. Who cares about the media pundits who refused to even call Trump president, using “occupant of the White House” instead. Trump was a meanie-weenie to the media for no good reason to the apparently fawning media! And now he’s getting what he deserves! They think orange man bad now, unlike ever before!

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