Speaking of the media and its apparent love for Trump…

I don’t see how anyone thinks that it’s possible to share a country with people who want the President of the United States arrested for… I don’t even know what crime they made up in their heads this time. Wanting votes counted? Wanting to throw out ballots for dead people? Pointing out this election has been a farce the whole time with coronavirus as the pretense to get people to do things the way they never have before, leading to ways for Democrats to cheat in ways and on a scale they never have before?

And remember, as Trump said, they don’t just hate him. They hate you. These are the same kinds of people–the intellectuals in the media, our superiors–who outspokenly want you to go through a re-education, so you think just like them:

Ah yes, the faces of unradical ideas. And here’s more:

Yep, that’s a real whole piece published in a real publication.

What were some saying before about the media that used to treat Trump in a supposed “presidential” fashion?

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