Why is it always conservatives who act like this?

This is Benji Backer, an alleged conservative wunderkind who also happens to self-flagellate because how much he hates being a privileged white man who just didn’t understand the message of Black Lives Matter until it was too late, and they were destroying property he holds dear (but not as dear as Black Lives, of course).

Benji happens to be fawned over in the media, with these conservative credentials:

Wow, Forbes 30 under 30? After having been a Mitt Romney campaign co-chair? Amazing!

Well, Benji is also thrilled over the idea of a Biden win, because that somehow signals the defeat of socialism and… of course, you guessed it, orange man bad’s populism:

Who cares about the fact that the Squad still won and the fact that Biden’s economic plan is the same as any other radical Democrat, especially once Biden becomes a ceremonial puppet? What really matters is somehow the far-right lost, too! What’s the far-right? Trump, of course, and anyone involved in “Trumpism.”

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