Some good news shared over the Thanksgiving break… and how liberals obviously responded to it

I never bring my computer with me when I’m going on vacation, so I’ve been MIA while celebrating Thanksgiving with my family (their home also does not have WiFi). I missed this announcement from Katie Miller about the birth of her son:

While the main tweet announcing the newborn baby had nearly 26,000 “likes” by 2 PM on Tuesday, none of the top replies were rejoicing.

With 10,600 likes and 7,700 likes (going back for more) respectively was everyone’s favorite octopus expert:


Ah yes. Eichenwald definitely knows the Jewish couple actually are secret Nazis.

And with 20K likes, rivaling the birth announcement itself, was our favorite multi-millionaire with well-connected famous parents who helped her afford a fancy $5 million dollar home at 29 so she can sit inside of it and complain about other people having privilege:

Of note: some liberals can’t even celebrate this birth because they are such staunch believers in intergenerational sin, that they believe Stephen and Katie Miller’s baby is born evil because they disagree with the parents’ politics.

2 thoughts on “Some good news shared over the Thanksgiving break… and how liberals obviously responded to it

  1. I had to look up her husband to even figure out what these fools meant by “child separation”. So her husband believes in border security and that policies should be adopted to make sure children aren’t exploited by coyotes ( & worse) is somehow a secret Jewish Nazi. Riiight…

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