A merry little Christmas?

This will be the first time I’ll be having a Christmas tree in my home. If you know anything about me personally, you’d know I am a sucker for 1. lights and 2. decorations. So, naturally, I’ll use any excuse possible to put up lights and decorations.

I’m still also very much Jewish, so when I look for things to buy, I first go to the $5 and under category.

Browsing through the Target website, I noticed these ornaments among the other discounted tchotchkes:

There appear to be a whole collection of these:

There are also, erm, white Santas and friends for sale, and they’re also only at the $3 mark, but they’re not on the $5 and under sale as far as I can see (I checked, twice).

I’m just not sure how it’s possible to have a dark complexion when you live in the North Pole.

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