They’ve come for Thomas Jefferson–and won

Some more local news, courtesy of the Falls Church News-Press:

“After six months of a lengthy and often contentious debate involving the entire City of Falls Church community, the Falls Church School Board voted unanimously tonight to change the names of two of its five schools, ones named for U.S. founding fathers who famously owned slaves, George Mason and Thomas Jefferson.”

Yep, you’re reading that right, the Falls Church School Board voted unanimously to rename a school named after Thomas Jefferson.

Remember when everyone said it was just going to be Confederate generals?

This is why you never give an inch.

Falls Church also kindly provided an estimate of how much these renamings will cost the city:

“The cost to develop and administer the survey and provide reports to the School Board is $8,500.

Information on potential costs that may result if the Board decides to change the name of either school is available here. For George Mason High School, the estimated total is $96,760; for Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, the estimate is $13,500.  “

That’s $118,760, as a rough approximation.

There’s also a break down:

That’s some hefty price tag to get rid of your own history.

WTOP also reported that despite the vote being unanimous, the people of Falls Church actually wanted the names to remain the same:

“The survey revealed that 56% of the community overall asked that the names stay on the schools, including 61% of the parents of Thomas Jefferson Elementary students and 57% of George Mason High parents.

Although the vote stands in contrast to the survey, the school board chairman said the school board listened to the community.”

But hey, this is the new consensus.

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