Got quite an interesting email today…

I subscribe to quite a few conservative org newsletters. Here’s one that really caught my eye today:

Here’s the description of the webinar:

“Once a year, the Center for Conservative Women hosts a distinguished male speaker. This year the President of Young America’s Foundation (YAF), Ron Robinson, will be joining us. We will learn about the history of the conservative movement and hear advice on moving forward.
Ron Robinson has served as YAF’s president for more than four decades. A native of Buffalo, New York, Robinson received a BA in political science at Canisius College and a JD from The Catholic University of America. He was previously an advisor to the U.S. Department of Education during the Reagan Administration and has co-authored a book. 

Robinson has led YAF through two successful landmark Supreme Court victories for student rights; the inauguration and development of the National Conservative Student Conference and the National High School Leadership Conference held annually in Washington; and the Foundation’s effort to save Ronald Reagan’s ranch. He received the 2017 Annie Taylor Award from the David Horowitz Freedom Center. 

Robinson serves as a director of Citizens United and the Citizens United Foundation, a director of the American Conservative Union, and vice president of the Free Speech Defense and Education Fund. He also serves on the boards of the Strong Charitable Trust and the D.J. Findley Family Foundation.

He is a member of the Virginia and U.S. Supreme Court Bars and resides with his wife, Michelle Easton, president of the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women, in Reston, Virginia.
The end of 2020 finds our nation at a crossroads. We must chart a strong path forward, fighting for conservative values and the U.S. Constitution. Join us for this valuable time with a key person in the conservative movement! We know that you will learn and be inspired to defend American values. Sign up today!”

In case you missed it: Ron Robinson here is the husband of the president of the organization he’s speaking to.

Ron seems to have a pretty cushy job, talking about the future of the conservative movement. From the most recent 990 tax form for YAF:

And his wife, organizing the whole thing, and giving a platform for her husband:

In case any of you wanted to know what pays big in nonprofit world: being the president of the nonprofit.

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