Boy, now would be a really good time for Trump and the Republican Party to take a stand…

And leave Twitter, right now, instead of continuously tweeting and then complaining when their tweets are being censored. They could move to, for instance, Gab or Parler (Gab’s interface, usability, everything is so superior to Parler–I can’t even view my DMs on Parler), and people will promote those accounts just to see what they’re sayingContinue reading “Boy, now would be a really good time for Trump and the Republican Party to take a stand…”

Why I (already) voted for Trump

To keep it short: to trigger the libs. On a more serious note, yes, there are many things the Trump administration and Trump campaign have done that have disappointed me: attacking Biden for praising the Daughters of the Confederacy (even after their building was torched), making a homage video to George Floyd (thankfully, Twitter miraculouslyContinue reading “Why I (already) voted for Trump”

Better a criminal than a thought criminal

I’m sure many of you reading this blog already know about what happened to me in May. A presumed difference of political opinion cost me my livelihood, my health insurance, and everything I needed to stay alive during this whole pandemic. It’s been almost exactly six months to the day… and I still have notContinue reading “Better a criminal than a thought criminal”

Don Jr. is a libertarian now?

He shared this very dated meme on social media: This phrase was been in basically every single libertarian’s bio somewhere at some point over the past decade or so. So, now, is the meme dead? Will libertarians, the contrarians they are, say that this is no longer what libertarianism means to them? Will libertarians postContinue reading “Don Jr. is a libertarian now?”