Some reflections on what happened today in D.C.

I was at both the Stop the Steal rally outside the White House and the march to the Capitol. Although I stayed far away from the crowds at the Capitol, and I was way in the overflow area at the Ellipse, the sentiment from everyone appeared to be the same: we need to do somethingContinue reading “Some reflections on what happened today in D.C.”

Why do people continue to think they have the power to fight back?

A lot of people are enraged by this story in the New York Times, of a reporter cheering on a boy who gleefully destroyed the life of one of his former classmate because she said that one big no-no word when she was a freshman. For summary: “[…] “I wanted to get her where sheContinue reading “Why do people continue to think they have the power to fight back?”

An example of who really holds power in the conservative movement… attacking conservatives

It looks like Curtis Houck, the managing editor of Newsbusters, decided to pick a fight with the wonderful Michelle Malkin for no apparent reason: (Active link here) I’m personally familiar with Curtis because of my years working at the same organization with him. In fact, we worked in the same department. You wouldn’t know thisContinue reading “An example of who really holds power in the conservative movement… attacking conservatives”

Got quite an interesting email today…

I subscribe to quite a few conservative org newsletters. Here’s one that really caught my eye today: Here’s the description of the webinar: “Once a year, the Center for Conservative Women hosts a distinguished male speaker. This year the President of Young America’s Foundation (YAF), Ron Robinson, will be joining us. We will learn aboutContinue reading “Got quite an interesting email today…”

In Defense of Being Blackpilled

If only you knew how bad things really are. Whenever someone gives me another example of media bias, or tech censorship, or political correctness to the extreme, my initial reaction is always the same: what did you expect? Can you believe what Twitter did this time? Yes. Can you believe what CNN said today? Yes.Continue reading “In Defense of Being Blackpilled”

I’m old enough to remember about six months ago…

When talking about secession would get you branded a “racist” or a “white supremacist” by mainstream voices within the Republican Party. After all, it happened to me, personally. Now, it appears, even Allen West is on board: I can’t wait for the folks at NRO, WashEx, etc. to call West a racist white supremacist whoContinue reading “I’m old enough to remember about six months ago…”

They’ve come for Thomas Jefferson–and won

Some more local news, courtesy of the Falls Church News-Press: “After six months of a lengthy and often contentious debate involving the entire City of Falls Church community, the Falls Church School Board voted unanimously tonight to change the names of two of its five schools, ones named for U.S. founding fathers who famously owned slaves, GeorgeContinue reading “They’ve come for Thomas Jefferson–and won”