Did Fox give out marching orders yesterday?


And, from Tucker on Fox, which, for some reason WordPress will not let me embed. Read/watch here, but here’s the headline:

This was circulating around on my Facebook feed yesterday, as a result. Many seem to view last night’s Tucker episode in particular as a betrayal, and that the last hope at Fox is no more:

Of course, the left-wing media used yesterday to undermine the Trump team because *even Fox* thinks this:

More problems with the conservative intelligentsia: fawning over leftists who want them dead

Why do conservative intellectuals continuously fawn over Matthew Yglesias? It seems like every time Matty posts something crime-thinky, usually IQ graphs to stroke his own ego about his college major, people on the right go crazy with cheers of “one of us!” Now that Matt has decided to leave Vox and go for Substack, many on the right are also cheering again: he’s “one of us!”

Except none of this is remotely true and the right needs to stop pretending that any “smart person” who says something even close to be right-wing is secretly some kind of thought criminal.

Matt Yglesias will never give you the time of the day, and he will never defend you when you need help.

Remember, ultimately, Matty thinks he’s better than you. Here’s what he had to say about Vox’s readership, which was so superior to you plebs:

In fact, Matty is such an elitist, that when writing about his own assault in Washington D.C., he just had to name drop the people who was hanging out with at the time. No, I am not making this up:

You see those hyperlinks? Matty actually linked to the bylines of his friends Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman… when writing about his own assault. How elitist can you be, to have just been assaulted, and think you should shill the bylines of your friends to show how cool your friends are?

And, of course, who can forget the horrible things Matt Yglesias said Tucker Carlson’s family deserved when Antifa surrounded their home?

(Archive, archive, archive)

But hey, this guy is just like us, he spoke out about cancel culture once!

This proves he does not get it and never will.

Stop making excuses for people who want you dead.

A few thoughts on the conservative intelligentsia…

It’s become very trendy in conservative circles for people to claim they speak on behalf of the working class, while also sticking their noses up at anyone who actually happens to be working class, or come from a working class background.

Just recently, a large conservative publication that spends its times in intellectual circlejerks positioned itself as paper of the people, against the intellectual elites, while only engaging in conversations that the intellectual elites care about. Truly, the average American does not care if you prefer philosopher X over philosopher Y, and those conversations amount to nothing more than just people posturing over who can recite more esoteric quotes.

You may think this post is cope: I come from a blue-collar background and I am fairly outspoken about it. I went to a state college. I’m never going to have the right “pedigree” to be considered an intellectual, no matter how smart anyone may think I am. This has been a point of contention for most of my life, growing up among a community where most parents are doctors and lawyers, and now, spending the past decade where most people have a master’s degree in some useless government-related field.

I’ve often said that while so many conservatives hate college indoctrination, and have a special hatred for the Ivies, they will never, ever consider hiring someone without the right Ivy or Ivy-adjacent college degree. Master’s preferred!

It’s truly tiring to hear people on the right talk about being champions of the average working man when their entire existence still involves laughing at people who don’t know care to know if something is Straussian or not.

You may think someone is on your side, but the elites will always favor and support the other elites, even if they’re elites on the right. The intellectuals on the right will always show their loyalty towards other people who are “smart like them” on the left, over someone on the right who doesn’t have the right degree behind those politically incorrect sentiments.

Does Fox think it’ll be exempt from the truth and reconciliation commission?

Or AOC’s enemies list? Or the Trump Accountability Project?

Because it sure seems like they’re trying:

Found the source of that Biden online speech police task force quote…

It’s on the Joe Biden website, not the Biden-Harris transition website, not like it really makes much of a difference. I was just spending a few hours poking around the wrong website until I was steered in the right direction.

Here it is in full, from the gun safety part of the website:

Gee, I bet we all know who will be the “advocates” involved in this: hello SPLC!

Why is it always conservatives who act like this?

This is Benji Backer, an alleged conservative wunderkind who also happens to self-flagellate because how much he hates being a privileged white man who just didn’t understand the message of Black Lives Matter until it was too late, and they were destroying property he holds dear (but not as dear as Black Lives, of course).

Benji happens to be fawned over in the media, with these conservative credentials:

Wow, Forbes 30 under 30? After having been a Mitt Romney campaign co-chair? Amazing!

Well, Benji is also thrilled over the idea of a Biden win, because that somehow signals the defeat of socialism and… of course, you guessed it, orange man bad’s populism:

Who cares about the fact that the Squad still won and the fact that Biden’s economic plan is the same as any other radical Democrat, especially once Biden becomes a ceremonial puppet? What really matters is somehow the far-right lost, too! What’s the far-right? Trump, of course, and anyone involved in “Trumpism.”

Speaking of the media and its apparent love for Trump…

I don’t see how anyone thinks that it’s possible to share a country with people who want the President of the United States arrested for… I don’t even know what crime they made up in their heads this time. Wanting votes counted? Wanting to throw out ballots for dead people? Pointing out this election has been a farce the whole time with coronavirus as the pretense to get people to do things the way they never have before, leading to ways for Democrats to cheat in ways and on a scale they never have before?

And remember, as Trump said, they don’t just hate him. They hate you. These are the same kinds of people–the intellectuals in the media, our superiors–who outspokenly want you to go through a re-education, so you think just like them:

Ah yes, the faces of unradical ideas. And here’s more:

Yep, that’s a real whole piece published in a real publication.

What were some saying before about the media that used to treat Trump in a supposed “presidential” fashion?

Ever see a tweet so stupid?

And it crosses your radar, even though you aren’t even on Twitter, and you have to comment on it?

Apparently, according to this person on the internet, the media once treated Trump in a presidential fashion, and now they’re not anymore, because Trump “abused” them:

Ah yes, we all know when it came down to the results of the election, it was the media that was going to help Trump when he needed it. No no no, their ideology has nothing to do with it. Who cares about the pee tapes, the dossier, the claims of Russian collusion, the demands for Trump to be banned from social media and impeached for the good of the nation from pundits all across the country. Who cares about the media pundits who refused to even call Trump president, using “occupant of the White House” instead. Trump was a meanie-weenie to the media for no good reason to the apparently fawning media! And now he’s getting what he deserves! They think orange man bad now, unlike ever before!