A few thoughts on the conservative intelligentsia…

It’s become very trendy in conservative circles for people to claim they speak on behalf of the working class, while also sticking their noses up at anyone who actually happens to be working class, or come from a working class background.

Just recently, a large conservative publication that spends its times in intellectual circlejerks positioned itself as paper of the people, against the intellectual elites, while only engaging in conversations that the intellectual elites care about. Truly, the average American does not care if you prefer philosopher X over philosopher Y, and those conversations amount to nothing more than just people posturing over who can recite more esoteric quotes.

You may think this post is cope: I come from a blue-collar background and I am fairly outspoken about it. I went to a state college. I’m never going to have the right “pedigree” to be considered an intellectual, no matter how smart anyone may think I am. This has been a point of contention for most of my life, growing up among a community where most parents are doctors and lawyers, and now, spending the past decade where most people have a master’s degree in some useless government-related field.

I’ve often said that while so many conservatives hate college indoctrination, and have a special hatred for the Ivies, they will never, ever consider hiring someone without the right Ivy or Ivy-adjacent college degree. Master’s preferred!

It’s truly tiring to hear people on the right talk about being champions of the average working man when their entire existence still involves laughing at people who don’t know care to know if something is Straussian or not.

You may think someone is on your side, but the elites will always favor and support the other elites, even if they’re elites on the right. The intellectuals on the right will always show their loyalty towards other people who are “smart like them” on the left, over someone on the right who doesn’t have the right degree behind those politically incorrect sentiments.

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