An update in the quest to rename Lee Highway

On Friday, I shared some news about the county’s plan to rename Lee Highway (and about how only affluent middle-aged white women are responding to the county’s diversity survey). The name is apparently so offensive, that local news neglected to mention it in their post on the matter:

If you are curious, here are the final contenders:

“Loving,” in particular, was also the planned new name for a local high school: Washington-Lee would’ve become Washington-Loving. If you didn’t know the root of the name “Loving,” “Washington-Loving” would surely cause a lot of high school jokes. The school is now named “Washington-Liberty”:

Funny, the Twitter @ “GeneralsPride,” plural, doesn’t make much sense anymore.

What’s interesting to me is the pushback that renaming Lee Highway is getting from the overwhelmingly liberal city/county, especially in the comments section of the local news and on Facebook. This is how Arlington voted in 2020:

The ruckus caused by commenters aside, it seems like Arlington really is on a quest to replace its own history.

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